The Wife and I, out for dinner.


Even though there are many examples of my work on my site's home page, I put together a few more things here, so you could get some idea of who I am and whether my skill sets might be a good match for your team.

I did all the things referenced on this site myself.

I am:

- 44

- Married with one 13 yr. daughter

- Happy by nature, easy to get along with and quick with a smile

- Mutli-talented and a good problem solver

- A vetran of the US Army (Honourable)

- Legal Citizen of the good ol' US of A

- A dermatomyositis survivor
  Relevant Experience Reference:
Tim Wilson
  The Trades Publishing Co. - I began in the Layout Dept. right after my daughter was born in 2000. Learned Adobe CS, MSOffice, Acrobat, etc. for print. Became Marketing Coordinator. Took over the web with almost no experience in 2005. Learned more about Adobe CS, including Dreamweaver and art production for web. Did that for the rest of my time there. Was released from subcontractor status last Dec.

BlueGranite Media / Self Employed
- Started around 2009. Originally sold marketing AND web. Later focused mostly on web. This work and The Trades job overlapped in several strange ways as the publishing company's situations and our relationship changed. The owner and I are still great friends.

I loved being self employed and found no problem with motivation or meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, my unforseen medical problems have made it most difficult to do sales AND produce webs. So I thought I might see about a regular job.

ALL of my web development experience has been in a LAMP environment.

Attended The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Studied A/V Production. Currently edit w/Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition.   George Melton
931.335.2442 (cell)
  I used to build my own computers. But they are just too cheap anymore. It's impractical.

Dermatomyositis is a non-contagious auto immune disorder where the body's immune system aggressively attacks the patient's muscle and also skin to a lesser degree. It is fatal if left untreated.

Although my condition is not yet in complete remission, my recovery is coming along nicely.

See also:
- A "Pretty Site" (no longer exists)

- A complex site (dynamic, built from scratch... MONSTER back end!) This is a good example of the front end.

- A logo that I did for a band in the area (they no longer exist either)

- A nifty rate calculator for the sales people @ Tim's