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Hormone Replacement Therapy

I was often called mean or hateful by my children, which is heartbreaking for any mom to hear. I knew that something was off, but didn't know what step to take next. After being told it was simply aging, and prescribed an anti-depressant, I started looking into Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. I am so thankful for Dr. Milligan and HBC. We are now treating the problem rather than the symptoms. As Dr. Milligan says we must get to the root of the problem, rather than just trim the branches.
~Thank you, Christy HBC patient

My wife and I have what I consider a good marriage. We are in love, but something has been missing the past couple of years. We decided to take a chance and visit HBC. Now our typical marriage has become wonderful again. At night, we enjoy taking walks together and actually have energy, plus our intimacy is back in our relationship. It's amazing that these really simple changes can make such an incredible difference in our relationship. We will never except the term growing old gracefully, why would we? The best decision we have made for us, thank you.
~Mike, HBC patient

Recently divorced, I was depressed. I didn't have the energy to start over and had lost my zest for life. I started researching online and realized maybe I wasn't depressed; maybe it was my hormone levels. The Dr. and staff at HBC are wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to explain hormone treatments, my options, and listening to my "story." I am not just a number at HBC, but a person. I have never felt better or had such a drive for life as now. I'm not 25 again, but I can keep up now.
~M.B. , HBC patient

Thank you HB! I started BHRT for six months and felt better than I had in years. I thought I was "healed" because I felt so great. I stopped treatment for 4 months and found out this is something that you're never "healed" from, the symptoms will come back as your hormone levels decline again. I found out for myself. Bio-Identical Hormone therapy is something that I need to feel like I am alive again, to feel like me again. BHRT is a treatment that I will gladly continue. I am grateful to all at HBC, the entire staff is wonderful.
~Denise, HBC patient

If you want to find out if Bio-Identical Hormone therapy is working for you, then ask your spouse, your children, or your co-workers. I'm told now by my family when it's time for my pellets.
~J.T. , HBC patient

I wanted a physician and staff that is reputable, caring, and dependable. I found all that at HBC. I had researched about Bio-Identical Hormones, saw the shows on Oprah, even read Suzanne Somers book, but I had to find the right place for me. I was realistic in knowing that balancing hormones is not just a onetime fix, look at my lab results, I'm good to go out the door. Balancing Hormones is an interactive process. I know that I have not only found a cure for my hormonal symptoms, but the right office for me too.
~Sharon, HBC patient

My husband asked me this morning if the mortgage was paid? I responded "yes." He then said "Go get your hormones." My family sure appreciates the balanced me.
~ Thanks HBC




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