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Hormone replacement therapy isn't just for women. As we age, our bodies naturally produce fewer, or less potent hormones than it did when we were younger. That is true for women AND men. If you are a mature individual and have ever thought "I just can't do it like I did when I was younger." that probably has a lot to do with the reason why you don't.

Hormone Replacement for Women
Improved Motivation
Hormones control more than our libido. Our drive, our motivation, our breathing rate are also controlled by our endocrine system, which is simply a carrier for our hormones. Less or less potent hormones can affect one's willingness to produce the things that we want.

Frequently Asked Questions
I want to feel better
Deciding if hormone treatment is right for you can be
confusing and time consuming. In fact, figuring out
if you even need hormone treatment in the first place
can lead to a jungle of ads and pitch men. Let us help you understand what may be happening to you and give you some sound, supportable advice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is based on the idea that the treatment may prevent discomfort caused by diminished hormone levels and promote well-being. In the case of the surgically or prematurely menopausal, that it may prolong life and may reduce incidence of dementia. It involves the use of one or more of a group of medications designed to artificially boost hormone levels. It is often referred to as "treatment" rather than therapy.

Both women and men can experience diminished hormone levels for a variety of reasons. Surgery, cancer treatments or simply normal aging can bring the symptoms on and they can be quite discomforting.

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We can help you by restoring your hormones
to levels that are
Natural to the Human Body
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Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement Therapy