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Hormone Replacement Therapy

By now we've all heard the good, the bad, it's for me, it's not for me.…

We've heard Oprah Winfrey, Robin McGraw, and Suzanne Somers all rave about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

So where does the bad press come from? Why are some people sold on this treatment and others are not.

The reality is hormones in general have a negative concept. How many times have we heard a woman described as, "hormonal" meaning exactly what? She's unstable, emotional, moody? Hormones; it's the dreaded word for women that takes their own zest for life with menopause and what makes a pregnant woman cry.

At HBC, we believe a lot of the negativity stems from simply not knowing about hormones, and misleading reports of not being able to distinguish between natural and synthetic hormones. The two products are both hormones, but also very different in results and safety.

Then you have problems with competition from Pharmaceutical Companies, they have a lot to lose…

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers bio-identical hormones to be natural regardless of their source, and as a result they cannot be patented. Since pharmaceutical companies cannot patent biologically identical hormones, they don't have enough financial interest in funding studies regarding BHRT and producing such products. Instead they invent synthetic hormones that are patentable, thus making BHRT a less visible alternative, even to some health care professionals. However bio-identical hormones have been studied in Europe and found to be safer than synthetic hormones sold by the drug companies.

Natural Hormone treatment is a new way of thinking,
a new way of treating patients.

At HBC, each patient is looked at individually, with the doctor and the patient making the best decision for them.

We believe a balanced hormone level leads to vitality, health, and
over all well being.

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