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Hormone Replacement Therapy

For Women

Hormone imbalance can happen during many stages of life, regardless of age, and one of the most troubling symptoms for women can be mood swings and irritability.

How would you describe the way you mostly feel?

Too tired, too moody, too little libido?

Or maybe these:

Fatigue Irritability Low Libido
Hot Flashes Migraines Foggy memory
Moodiness Weight gain Anxiety
Sleepless nights Night sweats Insomnia

There is a reason you feel the way you do.
It’s not a mystery…
It’s your hormones!

At HBC, we realize the value of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women. In addition to alleviating the symptoms of menopause or peri-menopause, hormone replacement therapy can also aid in the anti-aging process, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve your memory and mood, elimate fibromyalgia and create an overall sense of well-being.                

Hormonal balance is key to health and vitality.

Some of the benefits of using Bio-Identical hormones include:


Bio-Identical vs. Synthetic... both are hormone therapy,
but there IS a difference.

Bio-Identical hormones are identical to what our bodies naturally produces, molecule by molecule.  These hormones have the same chemical structure and shape to what our body naturally produces.   Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safer and more effective way of treating hormone imbalance.

Non Bio-Identical hormones (typically referred to as synthetic) do not have the same shape as what our body produces.  This altered shape can cause side effects or unwanted results.  In 2002, The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) studies reported that women who used synthetic hormone replacement therapy were faced with a higher risk of developing breast cancer and heart disease. Soon after the WHI findings were released to the public, many women began seeking out natural alternatives to traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

Potential Side Effects for Synthetic Hormones:

Blood clots, stroke, breast cancer, hair loss, facial hair growth, weight gain and depression.

We encourage all patients to make a well informed educated decision for themselves, with the guidance of their physician. Know the facts
Bio-Identical vs. Synthetic.

The right balance of natural hormones is important to long-term emotional, mental and bodily health.

What is right for you?
To learn more about becoming a patient, contact HBC for a free consultation.

Hormone Replacement for Women

Hormone Therapy for Women
I was often called mean or hateful by my children, which is heartbreaking for any mom to hear. I knew that something was off, but didnt know what step to take next.

Thank you HBC, Christy

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