• are interested in doing business with someone that they are familiar with and have learned to trust
• will try to establish a long term relationship with a company after a positive experience
• are loyal to brands and companies with whom a relationship has been established
• base their purchasing decisions on things like past experiences, customer service and quality
• generally do not base their purchase decisions on price of the product

To be most effective, your advertising campaign will need to be
designed specifically to attract the type of customer that you want to serve.

Understanding Your Clientele


Before you begin the process of constructing your advertising campaign, you must first take a moment to decide what type of customer you want to attract. One customer is not the same as another. The difference can be likened to the difference between the terms: customer and client.

Years of research by big name companies like Wal-Mart and Sears show that there are two distinct types of customers: Transactional and Relational. In fact, some companies, like BestBuy have realigned their entire business model in order to attract and serve Relational customers rather than Transactional ones.

What's the Difference?

Transactional Customers

• are interested only in the purchase (or transaction) at hand
• are driven by price, price
and only price
• have no brand loyalty
• are the biggest drain on a
company's resourses
• generate the lowest ROI of the two


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