You're clients and therefore your market are knee deep in a transformation that will alter the very core of its nature for at least decades to come. These new clients are more savvy, more educated and more organic, if you will, then markets past. They want you to tell them the truth, even if they don't like it. In fact, that will be the only way that you will be able to establish a successful relationship with this new breed of spenders in the future.
One of the great dynamics of this new market is communication. It used to be difficult if not impossible to generate substantial word of mouth sales growth for a national brand of non-durable product. New media, like the internet and DVDs, not only carry the message to the potential client, it also allows them to participate... generating interest and fantastic WOM return on ad investment.
There are a few simple truths that we can glean from this market awareness:
• Consumers are more aware of the facts about the products they are interested in than they used to be, irregardless of what your ads say
• The demographics of today's market don't even closely resemble that of decades past
• New media opportunites must be utilized to gain and/or maintain marketshare
• New media presents great opportunities for WOM sales growth
• Market dynamics are expanding our clients' consciousness, so the future may very well belong to him that can learn to associate with their clients on a programming or higher level; generating viral webisodes would be an example of this 'higher association' effort.





This page will tell you more about today's market and help you with some positive responses

There are some things we can
and some things that we SHOULDN'T DO
to keep our presentations to this new market relevant.

Now we're ready to talk about developing your ad concepts and products (also called collateral).
In some general terms, there are two major facets of a successful, relational marketing plan.
Those are Advertising & Campaigns and Developing Your Brand.

Understanding Your Clients
Transactional vs. Relational


Advertising & Campaigns
Develop a Message
Develop a Campaign

Branding Basics

Modern Marketing 101
The 3½ Functions
Do's and Don'ts
It's All Relative

Web Sites


In the past, two things have been true that are not now. First, men were the primary purchasers. Today's commerce is overwhelmingly driven by women. Second, media has never been easier to access. New media, like the Internet, has changed how much people know and how they percieve products and services. It has also increased the effectiveness of more conventional media. Users can "digitize" their feelings, so to speak.