To be most effective, always make a conscious effort to "stay on message."

Developing Your Ad Campaign

Here's what it looks like...

So as you can see, all the planning and numbers you need for an advertising campaign come from the "Concept." This makes it the single most important component of developing a campaign.

Q. Does everyone need to use a campaign, rather than single ads?
A. With the exception of a few transactional instances, Yes. Real response requires real effort.


Here's how to do it...
• Use your message, target demographic group and choice of textures (all of which should have already been determined and agreed upon in your Marketing Plan) to create a campaign concept
• Compare your campaign concept's possibilities to the lifestyle of your target group to determine your media outlets

• Base your campaign cycles on the purchasing cycle of your product
• Develop each component to symbiotically co-exist with all the other components
• Base distribution timing on concept impact and DESIRED brand awareness
• Make your budget

That's it! ...easy, right?
...and yes, budget comes last.


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