Your brand is, essentially, your company's character. ~Roy H. Willliams The Wizard of Ads

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Branding Basics

Here are some basic ideas about what branding is and how to use it.
The concept of branding is simple enough; when presented with a choice, the consumer will choose your product because you are "branded" in their mind. If we say "Branded how?" or "How do I do that?" then we are asking the correct and most difficult question. First, we must think more broadly and realize that this 'choice' is not always made in the food isle of the grocery store.
Simply, a brand is a point of trust between your company and an individual consumer. How you brand is determined by who you are and what you sell. Picture how your company is seen by the market. Compare that with client expectations of the product... throw in a pinch of demographics and you have a dish before you that is your brand right now. Then we know what to do.
First off, you DON'T use it like a standard, traditional advertising campaign. A branding campaign does require ad, but it is to build trust not drive immediate sales. For it to be effective, we must build the cart for the load it is to carry. One can brand and drive sales with the same campaign, but it is difficult, and easy to botch... i.e. waste money and fail to do either..
Remember, a "brand" is a point of trust, so it may be accepted slowly. That's why you should plan on good repetition for a branding campaign. There are formulas and physical rules that can help you plan how much. Also, as opposed to an ad campaign where 'one message - one ad' is recommended, when branding, do 'one message - one campaign'. Don't overestimate how quickly your client can change emotionally.
Once you have an image of trust established with A client, it can drive solid sales for a long time and make your traditional ad exponentially more effective. There are other ways also, in which branding can improve your bottom line. One of the most overlooked is that a good brand generates good WOM.
Many think that traditional ad drives WOM (word of mouth)... and it can, especially in cases of a viral campaign. However, branding is a far more reliable method of deriving the all important WOM advertising. "My wife said to get blah blah blah on the way home from work, but I don't know which kind to buy." "My wife likes blah-x." The choice is already made, because you have branded the other fella's wife.